Director of Player Development

Ryan was born in raised in Brampton, Ontario. He played his junior hockey for the Brampton Capitals (with Chris Billingsley!) and afterwards attended the University of Guelph where he played 4 years and won a National CIS Championship. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in 1998. After his University career Ryan joined the Canadian MenĀ“s National Team where he played from 1998-1999. In the summer of 1999 Ryan made his way to Europe where he spent 13 years playing professionally in Austria and Sweden. In Austria Ryan was the leading goal scorer in the top league for consecutive years and holds the Austrian top league goal scoring record in the last 30 years! After his playing career, Ryan started his Coaching Career. Over the last 11 years Ryan has been a Head Coach at varies levels including U16 / U18 / and Pro, most recently in the DEL2 (the second highest professional league in Germany).

Train with Ryan

Goal Scoring

An hour dedicated to scoring goals! Ryan will work on shooting techniques, situational scoring scenarios and how to read the goalie.

Big Ice Skills

BIG ICE at Western Fair or BOSTWICK in an hour dedicated to skill development! Ryan will work on shooting techniques, flow drills, edge work, small areas games and skating power.

Hockey Essentials

An hour dedicated to the essentials! Ryan will work on shooting techniques, puck handling and skating manoeuvres/edge work.



Defence Coordinator

Hockey is an ever-evolving sport, and to ensure you get the very best in your training, it's important to select the right coach for the job. Many coaches who played at elite levels don't keep up with current trends in the sport. Our athletes train directly with Isaac Walker, our Defence Coordinator and Former OHL Defenceman with the Missisauga Ice Dogs.

Train with Isaac

Defence Skills

Learn the skills specific to defense not taught in practices. Protecting the puck, line walks, body position, and protecting yourself along the boards to name a few.

Defence Power Skating

Isaac provides edgework, pivots, crossovers and skating manoeuvres that are more often used by defenseman. Ratio of coaches to skaters is 6:1 and can be booked online.

Defence Shooting

Learn to shoot the puck from the defence position. Shots from the point, screens, finding the lane through legs and indirect shots are some of the skills covered.

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