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Beginner or Veteran, We Can Help You Improve Your Game

Our team of goaltending coaches carry decades of goaltending experience from multiple levels of competitive play. Our coaches work with you to pinpoint your areas of improvement and work directly with you on customized drills and training plants to take your game to the next level.

Breakdown your Capabilities and Improve Your Goaltending

Using cutting-edge video analytics technology, just like the NHL, we are able to record live, high-quality video of our athletes between the pipes. This allows us to review actual footage of our athletes and create unique, individual training programs to meet our athletes needs.

Small Class Sizes to help Maximize 1:1 Attention

We intentionally keep our class sizes small to ensure each athlete receives maximum attention from our coaches so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth on every dollar you spend.

Our Classes

1-on-1 Private Lesson

This is a 50 mins lesson with Chris Billingsley. This lesson is highly specific to each goaltending to maximize learning. Chris uses video as necessary, provides immediate feedback and correction, as well as next steps moving forward. Cost is $220 plus tax and must be booked via email and is not available on the website. Coach to Goalie Ratio is 1:1

2-on-1 Semi-Private

This is similar to the 1on1, however there will be 2 goalies on the ice - each in their own net. As much as possible, there will be two coaches on the ice. The session includes; skating, drills that focus on speed, reaction and technique. Cost is $160 plus tax and can be booked via the website. Goalie to instructor ratio is 1:1 or 2:1 at most.

3-on-1 Semi-Private

This session includes three goalies, in three nets with 2 or 3 coaches on the ice. @ nets work on drills that ficouss on speed, reaction and technique, while one net is a 1on1 with one of our coaches working solely on skating and movement. Cost is $100 plus tax and can be booked online.

Goaltender Movement & Puckhandling

This class is for goalies who are proficient skaters, can shuffle, push, and slide but are looking to develop their skills further. We use a mix of power skating, advanced crease movements and puck handling for goalies. We spend 1/3 of the time working on stamina and strength while paying close attention to technique. 1/3 of the time is dedicated to moving around the crease. Slides, pushes, shuffles and combination movements goalies see in games. the last third is dedicated to puck handling, shooting and stopping and playing the puck behind the net. Ratio of goalies to instructors is between 4:1, to a max of 8:1. Cost is $50 plus tax and can be booked online.

REPs Class

This is an hour of shots! The focus of this program is to work on hand eye reaction, rebound control and basic saves. We focus on specific areas and our shooters fire over 300 pucks at our goalies! The focus is on REPS, so there is not much instruction. Coaches look to make sure positioning movements are sound, so bad habits are not engrained. Perfect practice! Cost is $60 plus tax and can be booked online.

Beginner Goaltending

This is for goalies brand new to the position! Goalies must be able to skate, stand on their own and be able to get up and down. No goaltending experience necessary! We also have beginner goalie gear if you are just looking to try it out! This program focusses heavily on movement/skating and has very few "shots". Ratio of goalies to Coaches is between 5:1 and 2:1. Cost is $40 plus tax and can be booked online

Beginner Goaltending Level 2

This program is for goalies who are new goaltending, but have some experience playing games (even part time) and are looking to develop their skating. We also introduce more shots via some basic drills that cover tracking, butterfly and recoveries. Goalie should be fairly proficient at skating already. Ratio of goalies to Coaches is between 5:1 and 2:1. Cost is $40 plus tax and can be booked online.

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8:00am - 2:1 Goalie Training

4:30pm - Beginner Goaltending

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See What Our Athletes Are Saying

“It’s been great working with Chris, pushing my footwork to the next level. He’s helped my game through video and his attention to detail is excellent. He’s a great goalie coach and i’m glad I get the chance to work with him.”

Brett Brochu

London Knights, 2022 Team Canada World Juniors

“Chris’ strength is that he is able to break down goaltending into the smallest details. Building good habits while simultaneously simplifying your game creates a seamless transformation between practice and game. Working at the hockey studio builds a goaltenders confidence in their technique allowing them to clear their mind when it comes game time. I’m so happy to be a part of the Billingsley Goaltending team”

Aiden Berry

London Nationals, GOJHL

“Chris is someone who is very detailed oriented. He is always looking for new ways to improve his clients games for the better. His positive attitude and strategic approach to the goaltending position is why he is one of the best in the London area”

Michael Simpson

Peterborough Petes, OHL

“I have known Chris for twenty something years. 1st as a student & now as a coach. Love of the game, passion for the position, and commitment to helping others develop are prevalent characteristics for all to see.”

Jon Elkin

Jon Elkin, Director of Goaltending, Toronto Maple Leafs & Founder Jon Elkin Goalie Schools