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Create Your Own Custom Tournament League

With our League Tournament Option, you're in control of your own tournament! League tournaments can be setup as a few single events throughout the year, or an ongoing weekly event for you and your friends. Winning teams receive a trophy at the end of each night so teams can continue to compete at future events. The winning team MUST defend their title!

Bring the Excitement To Your Practices

Remember how excited your team is at the end of practice, when you drag two nets to one end and play cross ice small area, 2v2 or 3v3? Well, let us take that up a notch. We will create a one day, 2v2 tournament, or a multiple week league – Just for your team! Your team will compete, learn to play in small areas, learn to communicate, and best of all, bond together! We can also provide video of all game for you reuse for team video review.

How It Works

  • Your team is split into 3 teams
  • Goalies rotate between teams
  • 60 minute Duration per event
  • You choose your season length
  • Trophy awarded to winning team to compete again next time
  • Total Cost: $165 + HST per night

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