Spring 2v2 & 3v3 Leagues

May 1 - June 25

Spring 2v2 & 3v3 Leagues

Registration is now open for the 2v2 SPRING AND SUMMER LEAGUES!

A couple of things to note:

1) SCHEDULES MAY STILL CHANGE FROM WHAT IS LISTED BELOW based on numbers and divisions being add or deleted. We hope you are somewhat flexible! We will do our best to make things work around schedules.

**Both Summer and Spring registrations are being accepted. For now, the summer schedule will be the SAME as the Spring schedule, however we will revisit it prior to the summer league beginning and make any necessary changes. (ex. baseball schedules etc.)

2) IF YOU HAVE A FULL TEAM REGISTERING TOGETHER, please email us now!. We will send you a registration link to send to your team. If you are have space, and are willing to add free agents, please let us know.

3) If one division is more popular, and others don't fill, we will fold the empty leagues to make more space for those with higher interest. If your age group is not listed, we will look to add more age groups as the leagues fill/don't fill.

3) You can register as an individual free agent and we will place you on a team, (provided there is space) or create a free agent team - just ask our Dark Knights and Midnight Wolves!

4) FREE AGENT Goalies will register using the specific goalie link within each tier/age group.

5) COST is $210 plus hst per player. Includes jersey!

2011-2014 will play 2on2. Ideal teams for 2v2 is 6-8 skaters and a goalie.

2015 and below will play 3on3. Ideal teams for 3on3 are between 6-9 skaters and a goalie.

Not sure which division is right for you? Let us help!

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