Each league will run for 5 weeks and have 5 games.. 3 round Robin, a semi final and the Final & Consolation.
AAA, AA, A, MD and Local levels available for each age group. Create your own teams of 4-6, plus a goalie. Individuals are welcome to join a waiting list and we will try and find you a team!
Cost is $150 per player and includes team jerseys.

Current Age groups / Days are;
✅ 2016/2017 will play on Sundays.
✅ 2015 – Saturdays
✅ 2014 – Fridays
✅ 2013 – Wednesdays
✅ 2012 – Thursdays
✅ 2010 – Tuesdays
✅ 2011 – Mondays
**More days may be added if enrollment exceeds available space.

Times TBD closer to the league starting. But generally times will be between 6-8pm (Not including weekends). Daytime games (July and August) can also be arranged to avoid conflicts with summer sports.
All age groups 2009 and older are still welcome! Please reach out if you are interested in having a league.

League #1 – begins May 2nd and runs until June 5th.
League #2 runs June 6th to July 10th.
League#3 runs from July 11th to August 14th – just in time for tryouts!!

Leagues are organized by age group and skill level. Team may have players from two age groups or divisions with these rules in place;

1. Players may only play up an age group. Not down.
(ex. A 2015 could play with 2014’s in the 2014 league. However, a 2014 MAY NOT play in a 2015 league).
2. Please do not overestimate your team’s skill level. If most of your players played MD last year, enter the MD league. It will not “be fun” to put your MD kids against AA or AAA players, and it will not help their development.
*RULE 2 EXCEPTION:  If your team has more than one upper level player… for example, if one or two of your four players are AAA, and the rest are AA, or A, you should still enter the AAA league. Try to keep mixed level teams to one level above or below.

*AAA,AA can mix and can enter AAA. *AA/A can mixing enter “AA” *A/MD can mix and enter “A” league. But please keep in mind that most teams will be made up of all the same skill level, (ex. 5 AAA level players on one team), so mixed teams *could* be at a disadvantage. Just consider your team’s skill level carefully.

3. SPARES: If you cannot make a game, you may find a suitable replacement. Spares must be from the same skill level. (A for A, AA for AA).


Our 2v2 is about skill development and heads up plays. We will have referees, and penalties for body contact will be called. Suspension/Removal from the league will be enforced for multiple offences. We want all kids to be safe and have fun!

5. Penalties are 30 seconds, and the offending team will play down a player.

6. Games will be three 10 minute periods with a warm up and break between periods.

7. TIE BREAK – Playoff seeding will be determined by: Points, then Head to Head, then GF/GA percentage, then coin flip.