Summer League Registration Now Open

Our 2024 summer league will run from July 13th to August 25th, teams will play 6 games total, once per week. There will be no games on August 3rd or 4th because of the long weekend. 2013-2015 will play 2v2 with regular nets and pucks, 2016-2019 will play 3v3 with smaller nets and lighter pucks.

A Few Important Notes

Schedules may change from what is listed below based on numbers and divisions being added or deleted.

If you are Registering as a Full Team

Please email us as soon as possible.

Costs to register a team are the same regardless of number of players. Cost Includes Jersey

2013-2015 Team:
$1100 + hst (Ideal Roster Size: 6 Players + Goalie)

2016-2019 Team:
$1580 + hst (Ideal Roster Size: 9 Players + Goalie)

Returning Teams (No Jersey):
2013-2015: $965 + hst - 2016-2019: $1380 + hst

If you are going to have a full roster and are willing to let free agents have those extra spots, you may pay the individual pricing instead. If your group has too many players interested to fit on one team please don't turn people away. Let us know and we will make something work!

If you are Registering as an Individual

We will place you on a team (provided there is space) or create a free agent team. We rely on parents to work the doors and "coach" the teams. Please let us know if you are able to do this for our free agent teams.

Cost: $158 + hst (includes Jersey)

Summer 2024 Proposed Schedule


Saturdays 11-12pm

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2014 - T1 (AAA/AA/A)

Tuesdays 17-8pm

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2015 - T1 (AAA/AA/A)

Thursdays 6-8pm

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2015 - T2 (HL)

Saturdays 4-6pm

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2016 - T1 (High Skill)

Sundays 1-3pm

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2016 - T2 (HL)

Saturdays 2-4pm

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2017 - T1 (High Skill)

Sundays 9-11am

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2017 - T2 & 2018

Saturdays 9-11am

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Sundays 3-5pm

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