Billingsley Goaltending

Our team of goaltending coaches carry decades of goaltending experience from multiple levels of competitive play. Our coaches work with you to pinpoint your areas of improvement and work directly with you on customized drills and training plants to take your game to the next level.

What We Offer


A Private 50 minute lesson with Chris Billingsley. 1-on-1 Sessions are booked through Chris and are not posted on self-service or our mobile app.


Every session includes a ten minute movement only warm up, where the focus is on the technical aspects of pushing and sliding, stance, and proper hand and stick positioning


The ultimate goalie development class focused on various movements, skating techniques, hand-eye reaction, saves on real shooters and more.


We focus on the technical aspects of moving around the crease and outside the net. Goalies learn to handle the puck and develop the strength and skills.


Looking to add a punch to your team practices? Hockey Studio's Mobile HQ allows us to come to you and work directly with your team and goalies at your practice.

Big Ice

Join Chris and the Billingsley Team for BIG ICE training where we work with goalies on full-sized ice to hone their skills and techniques.


This progressive program focuses heavily on skating and movement around the crease and sets goalies up with the fundamentals needed to play the most difficult position in hockey.

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