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The Goalie COMBINE

THE GOALIE COMBINE  РThis is the ultimate class for goalies looking to get the most out of an hour with us! The first 20 minutes is pure movement and goalie specific skating. We use a mix of power skating, advanced crease movements for goalies; slides, pushes, shuffles and combination movements goalies see in games. The next 20 minutes is spent on making saves! This is an hour of shots! The focus of this half of the session is to work on hand eye reaction, rebound control and basic saves. We focus on specific areas and our shooters fire over 200 pucks at our goalies! The focus is on quality REPS!. Our coaches are there to make sure positioning movements are sound, so only good habits are engrained. Perfect practice! With only 4 goalies in each session, our ratio of goalies to instructors is 2:1.