Our New Batting Cage Facility

Our batting cage is available for rental in 45 minute increments.

Cost: $60 with machine, $50 without.

  • The HACK ATTACK Jr, 3 wheel pitching machine for practicing hitting and catching; Fastballs, sliders, curveballs and sinkers
  • 9 pocket pitching net
  • 2 Heavy duty batting tees
  • Stride Right hitting mat
  • 2 L Screens
  • Pitching machine balls, official baseballs, and soft T-balls
  • Senior, Junior and T ball Batting Helmets
  • Wheeled cart for baseball collection
  • 43x12ft cage area
  • * Bring your own Bats

How to Book

1. Click here to visit out booking page

2. Select your preferred time slot

3. Choose the appropriate package (with or without machine) when making your booking

4. Complete your liability waiver online, and provide us your signature in person (liability waivers only need to be completed once, and are kept on file).

Batting Cage Rules

1. Helmets must be worn by all hitters in the batting cages.

2. Anyone throwing batting practice and/or pitching to batters must situate themselves behind a protective L-Screen

3. Any person entering the facility is expected to use common sense and maintain a proper lookout for their own safety.

4. Machines are not to be opened or fixed under any circumstances by anyone other than a BASEBALL STUDIO staff member. Members are allowed to adjust speed/pitch/height.

5. Sneakers and turf shoes are the only footwear items permitted in the training area. No metal or molded cleats allowed.


6. To limit clutter and tripping hazards we encourage sports bags to remain in your vehicle. Only bring in equipment that is needed (Ex. Helmet and bat only)

Food & Drink

1. Only water and sports drinks are permitted.

2. No gum or sunflower seeds are permitted in the facility.

3. No cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vaping devices, other tobacco products or cannabis products may be brought into the facility.


1. No person shall pull, hang onto, damage, or harm in any way, any of the netting in the batting cages and/or surround the training area.

2. Horseplay or innapropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

3. No throwing balls outside of the netted/protected area. Hitting is only permitted LENGTHWISE in our cage. DO NOT HIT INTO THE CHAIN LINK SIDES.

4. Spitting is not permitted within the Studio.

5. Any trash or garbage must be disposed of in the provided receptacles or taken with you upon departure.

6. Respect the facility. Leave things better than you found them. Remember the logo you represent on the jersey.

Failure to adhere to THE BASEBALL STUDIO rules can/will result in the loss of use and future bookings.